What is the important factor to consider while buying used car?

When we consider used car, there are two factors that are considered to be important. They have the major impact on pricing for the car. Those two factors are mileage and age of car. For example a 10 year old car is less expensive than a year old car while one lakh mileage car is less expensive than 20,000 mileage car. But if the 10 years old car has 20000 mileages and a year old car has one lakh mileage, how can you decide about the price? This should be analyzed if you are more concerned about the car mileage and age. If you read this article, you will get a clear idea about pricing.


When you want to buy used car, you should consider buying based on the mileage factor. This deals with the huge decision of buying. Life of the car is measured with the odometer. Thus the car life is determined with the mileage. As car with 7000 miles will be more worthy than car with 70,000 miles. The engine parts, suspension and all other factors are designed to last long. So the car with too many miles will not be a good decision. The miles added to car are most important to understand. Cars used within the city are more prone to wear and tear than cars used in highways. Similarly a perfect owner will well maintain their car manufacturer schedule that keeps the car to last longer. Even higher miles with better maintenance can be preferred while buying used car. When you search forĀ used cars in el cajon they will explain these information in detail.

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Age of the car

As the details of mileage describes as if miles are most important, age also matters a lot. Age is necessary while buying used car and they are the important factor while it comes to be the big deal. An older with less mileage is preferable when the buyer need not have to worry about the parts that are used with the component. The components may not age but they are good with spending much time with maintenance.

Anyway the decision is all yours. Either you choose an used car based on mileage or age, everything should be tested well before buying. You cannot judge a car condition just by looking at these printed values. It needs specific research to process.