What should you look for when buying a used car

Here are things you should check on standstill and others on the dynamic test. When stopped, check that all the car’s accessories work properly (power windows, headlights, windscreen wipers, headlight washers, climate control, radio, automatic antenna … everything). Check the tire wear and that it is homogeneous. If there are irregular wear, they can indicate that the steering is not well aligned, that the car is hit or that the shock absorbers are not in good condition. Turn the steering fully to the side and check for oil leakage and that the bearing shields are not cracked. Check the wear of the brake discs, if there is a lot of flange on its edge is that they need to be changed and have many kilometers. In motion, check that the car does not tend to go sideways when braking smoothly, that the cruise control works and all the equipment you ride. Stand up, brake the car with the handbrake, insert first and release the clutch slowly. If the car stalls there is no problem, if you do not do it or you notice strange jerks in the pedal stroke it is indicative that the clutch is in the last. Turn round with the direction to stop from one side to the other. Good & bad Quality¬†used cars in modesto.

Engine :

The engine is one of the most sensitive elements when you go to check a second-hand car. A failure can be very expensive. That is why you must demand all the information of the same: book of revisions, faults, real mileage, etc. Start the engine and look for unusual vibrations or noises when idling. You should also check when you have to do the distribution, it may touch you shortly and it is not cheap.

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Another important element to watch when looking for a second-hand car. Lean on the hood and check that it is not excessively soft and that it does not bounce. A few worn and inefficient shock absorbers, in addition to providing you with less control and comfort, can reveal an excess of acceleration, braking and aggressive driving.


It is a component, together with the clutch, that with the passage of time and habitual use can give problems. Check the feel of the brake and check that the car brakes well and without squeaks. Ask for information about the wear of the pills. The hydraulic system can also fail and if you notice that the pedal does not rise easily or it costs too much to tighten it, it demands explanations. Also examine the operation of the handbrake, it may be slack.