X Ideas on How to Use Quartz Worktops

Every homeowner dreams of having the perfect kitchen. For years now, granite countertops were favored due to its classic look and resale value. But these days, more people and designers are looking to another material – quartz. A survey published this year even showed that quartz worktops London are now chosen by 28% of homeowners.

Why You Should Use Quartz Worktops

Quartz kitchen surfaces are engineered using a mix of 90% natural quartz, polymers, and pigments. The material is known for its high-quality and durability. But there are other reasons for choosing quartz:

  • They’re easy to maintain. The quartz component ensures the material is impervious to scratches and stains. Its surface also doesn’t need to be waxed or treated with sealants, so a simple wipe down is more than enough to keep it clean.
  • The material fits any design style. Quartz worktops London come in a wide array of colors and finishes so that it can suit any room’s design. For instance, homeowners can choose the average smooth finish for a chic look or pick an earthy tone if they prefer a rustic kitchen.
  • It’s a significant investment. Quartz is admittedly more expensive compared to other materials. It can range anywhere from $80 to $140 per every square foot. However, its durability means it’s cost-effective as there’s no need for regular maintenance and the material is guaranteed to last for years.

Quartz Worktops

3 Ideas for Using Quartz Countertops at Home

1. Create a new ledge. You can extend your quartz slab from your countertop up the wall and to the window. The added dimension can create a small shelf to hold sponges and soaps.

2. Visually increase space with white. Opt for an all-white kitchen to make it look airy and bright. Stack your walls with white cabinets and go for a white quartz countertop on the island. Place anywhere from 6 to 8 chairs there to make it the perfect eat-in location.

3. Channel a farmhouse style. You can even recreate a farmhouse vibe with a quartz top. Incorporate a white worktop with white wood, a brown floor, and several stools for that homey vibe.

5 Tips for Maintaining Your New Worktop

Your quartz worktops will still look brand new even after decades of use as long as it’s taken care of properly. Here are tips on how to maintain them:

1. Clean worktops regularly with warm water and a soft cloth to remove normal signs of use, like dirt and fingerprints.

2. Use a plastic scraper with a blunt edge to remove dried spills, dirt, paint or gum. The dull plastic will ensure that you won’t scratch the surface.

3. Use a degreasing cleaner that does not contain bleach to remove grease stains. Use in moderation as bleach can affect the material’s shine.

4. Protect your quartz countertop from extreme heat by using mats for hot dishes or pans.

5. Use cutting boards while cutting vegetables. You can reduce the odds of worktops damaged by sharp objects by using a board for food preparation. It will also protect your knives’ sharpness from being dulled or damaged from direct contact with the quartz.

Quartz worktops London are a good investment for the home. They provide numerous benefits and can transform your kitchen into something functional and beautiful. It’s durability also means that you can use it for decades.