What makes a good soundtrack?

Importance of soundtrack

Imagine this. You are making a video on your own, maybe it is a travel video blog, maybe it is a business presentation. After creating all the content and finishing all the designs, you just find something missing. Let me tell you, it is the soundtrack. Soundtrack is the soul of an eye-catching, or rather, ear-catching video. If you want your audience to focus on watching your video, or you want them to be influenced by it emotionally, you definitely need some background music to your video.

How to choose an appropriate soundtrack?

So, here comes the important question. How do I choose the proper soundtrack for my video? Here are some tips and tricks from a soundtracks site.

Understand the theme of your video

Bear in mind that the theme of the soundtrack must match with the theme of your video. If you video is about remembering your deceased grandma, it is not really appropriate to use happy and light music. Therefore, you should first identify the mood you need for your video. In the previous example, soothing and slightly melancholic music would be much more appropriate. As for a personal video blog, say a travel blog, brisk and happy music would be a better choice.

Pick a genre

After you feel certain about the theme of your video as well as the mood you want to set by the music, you may want to pick a particular genre in order to find music easier. Different genres of music have distinguished styles, for instance, classical music is more soothing while heavy metal is more vibrant. You may want to learn more about some popular genres before you pick one, like classical, hip-hop, rock, jazz…you name it. Then you can start to search within the chosen genre in order to narrow down the possible choices.

Lyrics or not?

The next thing you have to decide is the use of lyrics. Sometimes, lyrics could be a great help in setting the mood. For some songs, the lyrics could be very meaningful, and it can help to convey the message of your video. Just make sure that the lyrics would not contradict with what you are trying to express in the video. For example, if you are choosing the music for a graduation ceremony video, it is the best if you can find something related to education.

Mix it up

Sometimes one is just not good enough. If your video is pretty long, then you might need to consider choosing more than one song or one kind of music. Take the example of a movie. A 2-hour long movie probably has more than ten soundtracks in order to suit the needs of different scenes and moods. You can also do the same for your own videos. You can make use of music to ensure the transition of scenes is smoother, and that the soundtrack of every scene compliments the overall mood of the video. If you video is complex enough, you may even want to mix up music from different genres in order to accommodate the needs of each and every scene. Or, if you are feeling creative, you can mix a few songs together through some sound mixing software in order to create your very own unique soundtrack.

Now you are well prepared to be your own soundtrack master!