Playing Comet Better In The World of Tanks

TheĀ comet in World of Tanks is great equipment when placed in the correct situations. This tank has decent mobility if you know how to upgrade it. It comes with an excellent 12 degrees of gun depression great if you opt to fight on hills and ridgelines. It is easier to maneuver than in most other tanks. This equipment allows you to keep the engagements at mid to longish ranges. Thus, your enemies won’t get a single chance to snapshot your turret when poking for damage. When playing this tank, you need to cheeky and make use of the dpm. This will help you keep a very close eye out for where the enemies are aiming. You could even shoot their sides when they are not looking at you. But, with a comet, you try avoiding fights in head-on situations as the comet doesn’t trade very well. Getting into the heat of this equipment? Here are some more benefits when using this equipment n your wargaming.

Comet Wargaming Guide

If you have been playing the world of tanks then, you know the equipment comet, the tier 7 British medium tank. Some players overlooked at it and see it as a poor tank but, the comet is far better than that. Others see it as a hidden gem that you are yet to love. The comet is flexible equipment and a mobile vehicle that allows you to move with ease. With this tank, you can use positions most tanks would not be able to. It is the same as the Cromwell and offers direct improvement in play style. This tank has the Cromwell’s inspired style with great strength when compared to its tier 7 peers. If you have not tried this tank yet, here’s how you do it right:

Tips When Playing With Comet

If it is your first time using this tank, you need to figure out its weaknesses and strengths. Start with the crew skills, they are pretty standard with sixth sense shooting skills. It gives you a smooth ride and shooting skills in situational awareness and safe storage. The senses it comes would let you know if you the enemies are spotting on you directly. It would also make your shooting skills to magnify good gun handling.

t-10 in WoT

  • Amazing DPM. This tank is great with 2135 dpm that would melt down enemies.
  • Great Gun Depression. The comet has 12 degrees gun depression with great hp/t. This would allow you to speed up on flat ground or climbing hills. Either of both, this tank won’t be as painful as some other tanks.
  • Fair Armor. The tank has good armor around it when compared to mediums of its tier. The hull would protect you from the 110 mm pen guns when angled slightly and the turret can get good bounces as well.
  • Provides Mobility. This tank is like a mobile medium with good top speed and good traverse speed. When it comes to turning speed, this tank would have no problem with that. You could also somehow update its engine for better mobility during fights.
  • Superb Gun Handling. The comet has better soft stats than they were on the Cromwell. This tank has great velocity and great gun handling essential for wargaming.

The comet has great guns and senses essential for hindering itself. With this tank, you could make a constant move due to its great hp/t and speed while shooting its gun. These are very useful when shooting at the front of tanks in a low penetration. The excellent gun depression, speed, and decent turret armor let you shoot at targets.