Save Your Soul in Cuphead: The General Guide For Not Dying

Have you heard of Cuphead and Mugman? This game is one of the most talked online as it has the unique storyline ever. The game rotates between cuphead and mugman when they tried their luck too far in King Dice’s casino. It started when the Devil himself took their souls and to free themselves, they need to do the Devil’s dirty work. They are collecting contracts in hopes to gain their freedom. The game to date is getting more difficult especially for newbies. Get the game of cuphead free to witness how challenging and charming it could be. Take your first steps to the ink islands with this guide, the challenges will be both for the better and the worse.

The General Concepts

If you have been playing this game already, take a stab at discovering the best ways to beat each boss. You need to learn the few quirks to overcome obstacles with little-advanced guidance.

The Gameplay

Cuphead is a game that has only one run speed but, can duck and shoot in all directions. Pressing the lock button while helps you aim any directions without moving. During a jump, you can use the dash on the ground at any point. But, you need to certain with your moves as he is not invulnerable during these dashes. Unless if cup head has a special charm, he can be vulnerable at some point.

Manual of Weapons

Cuphead can hold two weapons and switch them at will into battle at one time. But, note that he can’t select new weapons while in a stage so, it can be better to plan ahead on the island map. Cuphead gains a little meter every time he shoots an enemy. He can a full point whenever a card will reveal its face, you can use it to launch EX attacks. But, he can only have three hit points and four with a special charm. You will go back to the beginning and do it all over again if you lose them. The checkpoints that you have been into will no longer count.


Making Money

In this game, you need to make money so you can buy weapons and buffs from a store that unlocks early in the game. For you to get the item you want, you will be using coins, which you can find hidden throughout the map. You can usually look for them on the handful of platforming stages marked on the overworld map. The places with coins are actually marked as little interactive targets. Find every coin in a platforming stage and take your time so you can buy a variety of items to level up.

Embrace Failures

Though it might not sound as pleasant as it is but, you need to embrace the suck. Assume you will fail on your first try for each level. Take time to learn how it works so that you could beat the gameplay. For each stage, the cuphead can have many lives, meaning you have plenty of time to learn the placement of traps. You need to memorize the timing of complex attacks and make sure to locate enemy weak points. This way, you can ensure to win the stage and move on to the next level.