Types and Effects of Steroids

Steroids are health products that are known for building muscle. People are prone to these health products because they give quick results. They have natural and synthetic forms, and both are used to treat many disorders. They are also vital for normal body function.

Types of steroids

Androgenic steroids 

The effects of this type are observed in the male reproductive tract, which grows, and the secondary sexual characteristics of men develop. These are steroids that are produced in the androgens in the adrenal cortex in various amounts. They are used to treat Behcet’s disease and its vascular manifestation. It can also be used to treat hereditary angioedema and aplastic anemia.


This is the general name of a hormone group that has an action similar to cortisone. They mimic the activity and action of cortisone, although they are artificial steroids. Cortisons are naturally produced by the body and act as a regulator in inflammation. They are prescribed for people with asthma, allergies, eczema, colitis, kidney disease and arthritis.

Anabolic steroids

They are associated with the human hormone, testosterone. They are useful for people who want to increase the synthesis of proteins in the body. They were developed in 1930 to treat hypogonadism.

Steroids have their consequences

– Stimulate protein anabolism to alleviate the disease and stop acute renal failure.

– Contribute to the growth of children suffering from dwarfism and other disorders related to growth.

– They retain calcium and nitrogen in the body for the benefit of people with osteoporosis and people receiving corticosteroid therapy.

– Stimulate the function of the bone marrow for hypoplastic anemia.

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However, there are side effects associated with buy steroids credit card when they are abused or for a long time. These side effects are irreversible and you may not notice them until they become complex or severe.

– Hormonal system: for women (enlarged clitoris, unusual hair growth), for men (infertility, breast development, ulcers), for both sexes (baldness)

– Cardiovascular system: the left ventricle of the heart will enlarge, heart attack

– Musculoskeletal system: tendon rupture, short growth

– Liver: Peliosis Hepatitis, Cancer

– Skin: oily scalp, acne

– Hepatitis and AIDS

– Psychiatric effects: Fallacies, Manias, Homicidal Rabies

Anabolic steroids are the most popular steroids that are being abused by humans. And the reason why they abuse steroids in sports. Athletes take them for taking their body to the limit. They want to take advantage of their opponents, so they take these products. Your muscles are built, and they become strong.

Footballers and basketball players, as well as wrestlers, as a general rule, used these products because they depend on their strength and size. Both athletes and swimmers take these products because they depend more on their endurance. Bodybuilders have used these products and others who are interested in developing and acquiring muscles. But these products are not legal in sport. Sports organizations prohibit anabolic steroids, as this is a form of cheating. Athletes who positively load steroids are suspended and disqualified. 


Steroids are beneficial, especially for people with disabilities and medical conditions. However, abuse of these products can lead to other complications and side effects. It is legal to buy steroids online when they are not prescribed by doctors. If they do not tell you to take it, do not try to take it.